About Us

Apollo Care Services is committed to helping the community by providing a wide range of services specialised in Disability and Aged Care. We believe in putting our clients first with high quality and reliable care so they could live comfortably in their own home. Whether you need a temporary or a long term support, we are here to help.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Apollo Care Services’ vision is to create a multicultural community where people with disability along with their carers and family are socially and economically enriched allowing increased participation within the greater community.

Our mission is to provide accessible services that are in the best interest of our clients in terms of pricing, quality and are truly representative of our client’s actual needs.

All of our operations and activities are built upon the values of:

  • Committed to the community
  • Leadership by example
  • Openness and honesty
  • Creation of win-win partnerships

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